Thirty Third Sunday of Year C - 17th November 2019

The Triumph of God - The day is coming when all evil will be brought to nothing.

Already Christ has given us the strength to overcome evil: we receive it in the Eucharist.

Sat 16 November



Vigil Mass - Intention - The Holy Souls 2nd Collection Sick & Retired Priests

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sunday 17


Nazareth Hse



11.00 am

Mass - Intention - Emma Bonfield R.I.P 2nd Collection Sick & Retired Priests

Sunday School & Confirmation Group after Mass

Mass - Special Intention -The Jacobs Family

Malayalam Mass - 4.00pm - Fourth Sunday each month

Monday 18

9.30 am

Mass - Intention - John Kelly R.I.P. Dedication of the Basilicas of SS Peter & Paul

Tuesday 19



Mass - Intention - Emma Bonfield R.I.P.

Ladies Circle - Church Room - Quiz

Wednesday 20


Mass - Special Intention - Our Parish St Edmund

Thurs 21


Mass - Intention - Morris Jacobs R.I.P. Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Fri 22

9.30 am



Word and communion service St Cecilia

Mothers' Prayer Group - Church Room

Malayalam Mass - followed by Adoration

Sat 23



Vigil Mass - Intention - Patsy Mayhook R.I.P.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sun 24


Nazareth House




Mass - Intention - The Holy Souls

Sunday School & Confirmation Group after Mass

Mass - Intention -John & Winnie Kelly R.I.P.

Malayalam Mass - Fourth Sunday of each month at 4pm.

Scripture Readings 33rd Sunday Year C. (MAL 3:19-20, PS 97(98), 2 THESS 3:7-12, LK 21:5-19)

Writing anonymously about 460 BC, after the Jews returned from their Babylonian exile to rebuild the Temple, Malachi criticises the people's religious indifference, priestly abuses, intermarriage with pagans and divorce: "Where is the God of justice?" But he promises the day of the Lord is coming, preceded by a messenger to prepare the way, seen by Christians as John the Baptist. When that day comes evil-doers will be burnt up, while those who fear the Lord will be energised and healed, gambolling with joy, treading on ashes of evil-doers.

The psalm urges all creation to praise the Lord for His victorious salvation.

The Thessalonians had heard a forged letter saying the Lord's second coming was very close. Some had stopped working for a living and were "interfering in everyone else's" work. Paul says they are "busybodies", stirring up trouble! They should be shunned until they pull their weight in the community, as Paul did when he was with them.

In the Gospel Jesus foresees the destruction of the Temple, and the disasters, persecutions and false prophets that must precede the second coming. But we must not worry about these future problems, nor try to guess the day of the Lord's second coming. We should concentrate on the day-to-day following of Jesus, placing all our trust in Him.

Psalm Response: The Lord comes to rule the peoples with fairness.

Fr. Wilson Sebastian MSFS- R.I.P

The reception of the body and the Syro-Malabar Liturgy on Thursday, 21st November, at 4.30pm

at St Edwards, Kettering.

The Requiem Mass at St. Edwards on Friday, 22nd November, at 10am. His burial will be in India.

Collections -9/10 November - Thank you

Env £193.00 Loose £201.38

Cafod £31.22 Standing orders £166.77

Forthcoming Baptisms

24 November - Nicola Pawlaczyk

8 December - Jacob William Still

21 December Sebastian Rex Grant Gifford (in America). Please pray for the children their families.

Advent - My Day By Day

Salvation is Now and To Come

A Book of Daily scripture readings & prayers to guide us through Advent. £1 - At the back of Church


What remains for ever? Jesus says that the beautiful buildings will be destroyed; truthfulness in religious matters will be forged; concord in society and families will be smashed. Only endurance and perseverance to what is right will last for ever.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you endure for ever. Grant us the wisdom to see you working in our lives so that by holding fast to what lasts for eternity, we may be faithful to you. Amen

God's Love - Quotes from Pope Francis

  • "The secret of Christian living is love. Only love fills the empty spaces caused by evil."
  • "Holiness means giving ourselves in sacrifice every day. And so married life is a tremendous path to sanctity!"
  • "What zest life acquires when we allow ourselves to be filled by the love of God!"
  • "The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel."
  • "God is waiting for you. And if you were a great sinner, he is waiting for you even more and waiting for you with great love, because he is first."

The Angelus and the Dowry of Mary

On 29 March 2020 England is to be rededicated to Mary - in Westminster Cathedral and in Walsingham - as well as Churches and homes across the land. In preparation we are asked to pray the Angelus - in personal prayer and at Mass - and we will shortly do this at St Patricks before our Masses.

Bishop Peter reminds us that Mary saying 'yes' in the Garden of Eden was an essential moment in the History of Salvation - welcoming Christ into the world and into our lives and that as our Heavenly Mother she will help us do the same.

Northampton Youth Ministry - NYMO

Events for ages 11 - 18 & for young adults 18 - 30

are shown in a folder in the Church Room.

The activities range from the Lux residential

weekend in January to pilgrimage and a summer camp. Do come and see what's happening.

Wanted - Homes for our Mission Red Boxes

Our Missio Red Boxes this year enabled us to send £390.39 for the work of the Missions. The Red Boxes are a simple way of collecting and there are a number of them in the Church porch waiting for a good home. Please take one if you can.

Popes Francis Mission Intention for November God our Father may a spirit of dialogue, encounter and reconciliation emerge in the Middle East, where diverse religious communities share their lives together. May they be blessed with your gift of peace. Amen

Please Pray For The Sick

Ann Wilson, Sara Fox, Mary Ellis, Chris Brady, Jean House, Kitty McKenna, Joe Taitt, Phil Jacobs, Richard Foster, Margaret Dunne, Bridie Weir, Sinead McDonall, Glenda Smith, Maureen Bicknell, Dominico Piro, James Coutinho, Sharon Botterill, Anne Thompson, Margaret, Kevin & Mark McKeown, Daniel Butcher, Henry McAteer, Catherine Vince, Catherine Watts, Linda Lane, Babies Ricardo & Michael, Annie Jacobs, Enzina D'Eramo, Nora McLoughlin, Jenina Skippen, Michael Folan, Andrea Hughes, Fr Peter Pham, Kath Craven, Nancy Hughes, Jeremy Wilcox, Sara Quartermaine, Bess Priestnall, Maureen Sims. Margaret Giltrap.

May the Lord God give them his grace


Sick and Retired Priests

Advent Prayer - Starts Sunday24 November: Reflection & Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

3.00pm each Sunday at the Convent 103 Harlestone Road. All are very welcome - The Sisters.

Cafod - Cash for Trash: The results of our first sack are due in 4 - 6 weeks' time. Please see what we can do to fill the new sack with the requested items - set out on the table. Many thanks - Sister Pat

Safe Haven Northampton

- is a practical way to help refugees.

Pope Francis said, "May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family." It may be difficult for some individual parishes to achieve this but we believe we can and should make a start and are looking to join with a scheme that St Gregory's has taken on board.

A refugee family is identified by The United Nations. An application is made on their behalf to the Home Office. The Safe Haven project will help find accommodation and support them in the community with schooling, health care and setting up home. The family will receive some state benefits but they will need befriending and practical help. The Pastoral Council has agreed in principle to help providing 'white good' for the new home and will fundraise with this in mind. This is a practical and worthwhile initiative - Christianity in action - 'love thy neighbour'. What better way to show love than helping a "stranger" find a safe home after years of war and conflict. Please give this your full support.

Diocese of Northampton - registered charity - number 234091