3rd October 2021 - 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Sat Oct 2


27th Sunday of the year - 2nd Collection for Cafod

Sun 3


27th Sunday of the year - 2nd Collection for Cafod

Mon 4


Morning Mass – St Francis of Assisi

Tue 5


Morning Mass

Wed 6


Morning Mass

Thu 7


Morning Mass –  Our Lady of the Rosary

Fri 8


Morning Mass

Sat 9


28th   Sunday of the Year

Sun 3


28th   Sunday of the Year

Given the spread of the virus and following advice, we will proceed cautiously lifting any restrictions.

Confessions after the mass on Fridays and Saturdays

Face coverings or masks must be worn in church at Mass

Scripture Readings 3rd October - 27th Sundayin Ordinary Time = Year B

Gen 2: 18 - 24 ; Heb 2: 9 - 11 ; Mark 10: 12 - 16

We celebrate our belonging together in the family of God. Christ has made us his sisters and brothers,

and children of our heavenly Father. The love and respect we show for each other in this celebration

will largely depend in the love and respect that exists in our own families.

Genesis tells us that God declared that His creation - man - should have a "helpmate". The creation of a woman from a rib of Adam then takes place and Adam immediately recognised the woman as one of his own kind. This story shows how both the sameness and the differences between man and woman go to make up the unity of the married relationship. This unity is so close it is expressed by the writer as the two people becoming "one body."

The writer of the letter to the Hebrews is conscious of the predicament of humanity in that the relationship they enjoy with God is marred by sin which means it is subject to sin and death. Jesus is sent to free people from this sin but the point is made that God sent Jesus - made man - and He is identified with human kind and so knows sin and death himself. Jesus becomes the perfect man for all eternity, His qualities are given to those who respond to Him. Jesus becomes the head of all the redeemed and there is a unity sisters and brothers within his followers which restores them to God's original purpose.

The Gospel tells of an attempt to involve Jesus in the argument about divorce - allowed under the Law of Moses but only because of human weakness. Jesus said remarriages involve adultery. Marriage is for life.

We then hear that when people brought little children to Jesus for a blessing the disciples turned them away. Jesus rebuked them, saying, "Let the little children come to me, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. Anyone who doesn't welcome the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."

Psalm Response - May the Lord bless us all the days of our life

Spiritual Holy Communion Oh Jesus, my God, I love you, but unfortunately, I cannot receive you in Holy Communion at this time. Come, nevertheless, and visit me with your grace. Come spiritually into my heart. Purify it. Sanctify it. Render it like your own most Sacred Heart. Amen. Online Daily Mass www.northamptondiocese.org/live.

Consider seriously how quickly people change, and how little trust is to be had in them;and hold fast to God, who does not change. St Teresa of Avila

Please remember in your prayers

The Church. The lonely & frightened. The faithful departed, those who mourn. The sick, (Mark, Sandra Peter, Norma, Darcey, Ken, Shalipp, Elizabeth & Geraldine, Peter, M( long covid),Tom V, B, D & his wife), the carers & Maimai. Hospital, health & care workers. Teachers, staff & children..Coronavirus Victims.Migrants Victims of oppression & racial hatred.World leaders to unite to find & share a covid solution. Poor countries where disease & risk is increased by food and medicine shortages. The people of India, of Haiti the Middle East and Afghanistan. Pope Francis & Pope Emeritus Benedict Our country, that the lifting of covid restrictions will be successful. In gratitude for God's gifts, mercy and unconditional love.

Heavenly Father,

we pray that you will forgive our sins and bring us peace,

for your love for us surpasses all our hopes and desires.

Keep us always in your peace. 

Lead us in the the way of salvation. Amen

Holy Father's asks for prayers for Afghanistan

Let us pray for the people of Afghanistan especially those working for peace and those families under threat and fearing persecution and death.May Christ the King of Peace come to their aid. Mother Mary, pray for them.

Churches Together Food Bank - Help is still needed so please keep up support and take food donations to the United Reformed Church on Saturday mornings between 10am and 12 noon. God Bless & many thanks.


Please donate in the Parish using a CAFOD envelope or online via the website cafod.org.uk/climatecrisis - which helps those worst effected. Please be as generous as you are able. Thank you. May God bless you.

On Wednesday last week, the Church celebrated the feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel &Raphael,

On 2nd October, the feast of the Holy Guardian Angles, Our Catechism tells us 'Beside each believer stands an angel as protector and shepherd leading them to life, Already here on earth the Christian life shares by faith in the blessed company of angels and people united in God.'

Prayer - Angel sent by God to guide me, be my light and walk beside me;

be my guardian and protect me; on the paths of life direct me. Amen.

To keep up your weekly offerings or to make donations -

Direct to the Parish - By Standing Order/Direct Debit/One-Off Donation - ask your bank to pay to

Account Name: RCDN St Patrick Duston Branch Sort Code: 60-06-11 A/c No 59820640.

Let Fr Benny know if as a tax payer, you want us to reclaim it -No cost to you - so valuable for the church.

Or on 'Giving Tuesday' you can call the Diocesan Finance Office 01604 712065, (10:00am - 4:00pm)

Have your debit/credit card ready - specify the offering is for St Patrick's Duston.

If the line is busy leave only your telephone number and your name - you will be called back.

We know at present many are struggling financially so please just do what you can.

Pope Francis decries abortion and euthanasia as treating human life like 'waste'

Pope Francis decried abortion and euthanasia when he said that today's "throwaway culture" leads to the killing of children and discarding of the elderly. This discarding of children that we do not want to welcome with the law of abortion that sends them to the dispatcher and kills them directly. Today, this has become a 'normal' method, a practice that is very ugly. It is really murder,"

To understand what abortion is, it helps to pose two questions, he said, "Is it right to take a human life to solve a problem? Is it right to hire a hit man to solve a problem? That's what abortion is." Francis said that the elderly were also viewed as "waste material of no use" in today's throwaway culture. But they are wisdom. They are the roots of wisdom of our civilization, and this civilization discards them," he said.

He added that abortion and euthanasia "deny hope" by negating "the hope of children who bring us the life that keeps us going and the hope that is in the roots that the elderly give us. This is a road on which we cannot go.

From an article by Courtney Mares CNA Vatican City, Sep 27, 2021

Pope Francis calls on the young

Pope Francis sent a message this week to the young about World Youth Day 2021, to be he celebrated in the Diocese, asking them to make spiritual pilgrimage leading to the celebration in 2023 in Lisbon. Pope Francis said, "In Jesus' name, I ask you: Arise! Testify that you too were blind and encountered the light. Arise! Uphold social justice, truth, and integrity, human rights. Protect the persecuted, the poor and the vulnerable, those who have no voice in society, immigrants.

I fervently hope that this message may help us prepare for new times and a new page in the history of humanity. Yet we cannot begin anew without you, dear young people. If our world is to arise, it needs your strength, your enthusiasm, your passion." (MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW)

We all have a role to play in this - the young of today are the Church of tomorrow, so please pray that the young can become part of the 'new times' to which Pope Francis refers.