The Baptism of The Lord - Sunday 13th January 2019

The Father anointed his beloved Son, Jesus, with the Holy Spirit and with power,

to bring healing and peace to all the nations.

Sat 12



Vigil Mass - Intention - Patsy Mayhook R.I.P.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sun 13


Nazareth Hse





Mass - Special Intention - Mary Ronan & The Parish

Sunday School & Confirmation Group after Mass

Mass - Intention - Patrick McGee R.I.P.

Malayalam Mass

Mon 14


Mass - Special Intention - McKeown Family

Tues 15



Mass - Intention - Morris Jacobs R.I.P.

Ladies Circle - Church Room - Card Game

Weds 16


Mass - Special Intention - Sara Quartermaine

Thurs 17


Mass - Special Intention - Graham Bell

Fri 18




Mass -Intention - Mary Theresa Antoniapillai R.I.P.

Adoration & The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Malayalam Mass followed by Adoration

Sat 19


Vigil Mass - Intention - John Shoreland R.I.P.

Sun 20


Nazareth House




Mass - Special Intention - The Parish

Sunday School & Confirmation Group - after Mass

Mass - Special Intention - Theresa Higgins

Malayalam Mass - 4.00pm - Second Sunday each month

Scripture Readings - Baptism of the Lord - Year C

(Isaiah 40:1-5. 9-11; Ps 103(104); Titus 2:11-14; 3:4-7; Luke 3: 15-16. 21-22)

Writing in Babylon about 540 BC, second Isaiah majestically consoles Israel in its exile. God tenderly commands his attendants to comfort Israel and to prepare a sacred way for them to return to Jerusalem. He will lead his people to freedom across the desert in a new Exodus. The coming of God's rule should be announced to the whole world, shouted from the mountain-tops.


The psalm magnificently praises and celebrates God's creative wisdom and power.

Titus worked with Paul and later administered the church in Crete. In this pastoral letter Paul advises Titus on setting up church structures and choosing suitable presbyters for each local church. All Christians, and especially Church leaders, are urged to lead godly lives. We should reveal God's love to others in our good behaviour, while not disrupting the lives of others, in confident expectation of our redemption.

Luke saw us as living in a time of waiting, one of three phases he saw in salvation history. Luke's time of promise, the period of Israel, ended when John was put in prison by Herod, after John the Baptist's prediction that Jesus would baptise with the Holy Spirit. Jesus' baptism begins the period when this promise is fulfilled. Luke's Book of Acts describes his third phase, the beginning of the church.
Psalm Response: Bless the Lord, my soul! Lord God, how great you are.

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On Sunday 27 January we welcome in Baptism

Jude Patrick Thomas EVERATT

Please pray for Jude and his family

Mrs Lisa La Porta R.I.P.

Lisa's mortal remains will be received into the Cathedral at 5pm on Tuesday

23 January. Her Funeral Mass will be celebrated in the Cathedral on Wednesday 24 January at 10.00am.Please keep Lisa and her family in your prayers.


Humility is the ability to accept one's position - Jesus and John displayed this virtue.

John could easily have exalted himself - but humbly points to Jesus. Jesus humbly joins those being baptised and prays in the same way as everyone else.

In their humility both men are exalted by God.

Pray - God of power, I come to you in poverty.

Make me accept my place in life and grant me the gift of humility so that I may listen to your voice and follow the example of the meek of the earth.

Prayer Intentions - Ordinary Time - Winter

especially on the dates shown

Peace on Earth - Sunday 20 January

Christian Unity - 18 - 25 January

Victims of Trafficking - 8 February

The Sick & their carers - 11 February

Racial Justice - Sunday 17 February

The Unemployed - Sunday 3 March

Please Pray For The Sick

Sara Fox, Mary Ellis, Enzina D'Eramo, Kitty McKenna, Joan James, Geraldine House, Richard Foster, Margaret Dunne, Doreen & James Coutinho, Bernard Gavins, Ethan A Fernandes, Phil Jacobs Sinead McDonall, Glenda Smith, Maureen Bicknell, Dominico Piro, Bridie Weir, Sharon Botterill, Jean House, Anne Thompson, Margaret, Kevin & Mark McKeown, Winnie & John Kelly, Daniel Butcher, Bernadette Bollard, Margaret Dupry, Henry McAteer, Catherine Vince, Catherine Watts, Dominic Fernandes, Chris Brady, Emma Bonfield, Babies Ricardo &Michael, Nora McLoughlin, Annie Jacobs, Maurice Roll, Jenina Skippen, Michael Folan, Andrea Hughes, Fr Peter Pham, Kath Craven, Jeremy Wilcox, Linda Lane, baby Ioannis Ferao, Margaret Giltrap Joe Taitt, Sara Quartermaine

Please tell the clergy of anyone in care, hospital or housebound who would like the sacraments.


Pope Francis Speaking on Baptism

Nothing can take away a person's baptism or the identity they thereby gain as a child of God. "Baptism is not repeated because it imprints an indelible spiritual sign: This sign is never erased by any sin, though sin prevents baptism from bringing the fruit of salvation.

Just as parents give their children earthly life, the Church gives spiritual life through baptism, making each person a child of God through Jesus Christ. At the moment of baptism, God tells each person that "you are my beloved child."

The belonging a person obtains from baptism "is something you never lose, even if a person sins with something as serious as murder, their belonging to God and his Church never goes away, one continues to be a child of God. Even though everyone is a sinner and there is a great need for conversion in life of each person, "God never rejects his children."

The baptismal font is the place where one actually rises with Christ, he said, adding that in baptism, the old person is buried, with deceptive passions, so that one is reborn as a new creature.

To be incorporated in the body of Christ through baptism means one must also conform to God. The action of the Holy Spirit during the sacrament purifies, sanctifies and justifies the person in order to bring them into one body united to Christ.

This dynamic is expressed when the priest anoints the baptised person with oil after reciting the phrase: "God himself consecrates you with the chrism of salvation so that inserted into Christ, priest, king, and prophet, you will always be members of his body for eternal life."

Pope Francis concludes his address saying the entire vocation of a Catholic can be summed up as the necessity to live united to Jesus Christ and his Church "in order to carry out the same mission in this world, bringing fruits which last forever."


At the Baptism of Jesus we have the first public revelation of the triune God. God is the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Father formally and publically reveals Jesus as the Son of God and the Holy Spirit comes down upon Jesus in the form of a dove. It marks the beginning of Jesus' public ministry by revealing his identity and mission. The Father's words,"This is my beloved Son," (Psalm 2:17) "with whom I am well pleased,"(Isaiah 42:1) point to Jesus' mission of redeeming us and taking us back to the love of the Father. That is where we belong and let us whole heartedly belong to the love of the Father.