July 30



6.45 pm

18th Sunday of the Year


Int Katie Scully RIP - Spl Int Chris Costin

July 31


9.30 am

12.30 pm

18th Sunday of the Year

Baptism - Tommy James Leah

Int - Andrea Hughes RIP & Kathleen McAllister RIP

Please pray for Tommy and his family

August 1



St Alphonsus Liguori

Special Intention - Melwyn Tomy

August 2




Special Intention - Melwyn Tomy

August 3



Word and communion


August 4



St John Vianney

Special Intnetion - Bernard Reddy

August 5



10 -10.30am


Adoration and confessions

Special Intention - Melwyn Tomy

August 6



6.45 pm

19th Sunday of the Year


Intention - Frances Lyon RIP

August 7



19th Sunday of the Year

Int - Ulahannan Thomas RIP & The Parish

Children's Liturgy Every Sunday at the 9.30 Mass in the Church Room - All children are welcome,

Sunday School - Closed for the Summer - Sacrament preparation will resume in the Autumn

Scripture Readings 31st July 2022 - 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

Ecc 1;2; 2:21-23 ; Col 3; 1-5; 9-11 ; Luke 12 ; 13-21

Christ who is everything and in everything - Today our thoughts are on heavenly things, not on earthly things, where, without Christ, all is vanity and great injustice.

Ecclesiastes was written in the third century BC. The unknown author was preoccupied with the brevity of human life and judges most qualities of life by whether they are meaningless or futile. In this passage. He sees as futile the working of life, using skills and being successful only to leave the wealth accumulated to some who has not worked at all. The author is not commending laziness or decrying human work. What he is preaching is that the work of life must not be such as to distract us from God.

Paul draws a distinction between 'the things that are in heaven' and 'those that are on earth'. Paul goes on to list the earthly concerns that can entrap us - fornication, impurity, guilty passions, evil desires and greed' - saying that these belong to the old life, the human side of our nature. But, after Baptism we put on a new self which is modeled on the character of God.

Luke tells of the man who asks Jesus to tell his brother to divide their property between them. Jesus refused the role of arbitrator but went on to warn in the parable of the rich man, who hoarded all his possessions, to secure his future. He retired to enjoy life, but that night he died and was thus parted from the wealth he had spent his life amassing. Here is a warning against greed.

Wealth does not restore a person to God. It is virtually impossible to be totally committed to acquiring wealth and serving God at the same time.

Psalm response - O that today you listen to His voice - Harden not your hearts.

Laudato Si - Pope Francis - Climate change is a global problem with grave implications.

It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity today. We cannot fail to consider the effects on people's lives of environmental deterioration, current models of development and the throwaway culture.

Once we start to think of the world we are leaving to future generations, we look at things differently, we realise that the world is a gift which we have freely received and must share with others. Many things have to change course, but it is we human beings above all who need to change.

Greater attention must be given to the needs of the poor, the weak and the vulnerable in a debate often dominated by the more powerful interests. We need to strengthen the conviction that we are on single human family. We surely need to ask, what kind of world we want to leave to those we come after us.

Praying the Our Father - from Downside Abbey

'Who art in Heaven' - Heaven is where we should be aiming all our lives, for that is where God lives purely and wholly from all eternity. God is in the depths of our hearts, but He is also the goal of our lives, our happiness and joy. We live from God to God. When we turn to Him, our first prayer is one of praise and adoration, simply letting God be God.

'Hallowed be they name' We turn to God in thanksgiving and blessing for all He has given us, for His presence in our lives and world. God is never absent, even where it is hard to find Him, even in the midst of evil, where human hearts are turned away from Him by sin.

Prayer draws us into the mystery of God. the mystery of His power and love, the mystery of His holiness.

Messages from Pope Francis on his Papal Visit to Canada - A Penitential Pilgrimage

1. The message of unity that Heaven sends to earth does not fear differences but invites us to communion, to start afresh together, because we are all pilgrims on a journey.

2. As a Church, all of us need to be healed from the temptation of choosing to defend the Institution rather than seeking the truth. With God's help, let us contribute to the building of Mother Church that is pleasing to Him. Let us pray with Pope Francis and the indigenous people of Canada.

Food Bank - Donations are urgently needed. Please do what you can to support our Food Bank.

Donations of food and toiletries -can be left at Church or taken the United Reformed Church on

Saturday or Monday mornings between 10am and 12noon. Many thanks. God Bless.

If you are able to start or increase your weekly offering or make a donation you can do so directly

By Standing Order/Direct Debit/One-Off Donation - ask your bank to pay to

Account Name: RCDN St Patrick DustIon Branch Sort Code: 60-06-11 A/c No 59820640.

Please let Fr Benny know if as a tax payer, you want us to reclaim it -No cost to you-so valuable for the church.

Prayer to Mary - From the Catholic Prayerbook, Downside Abbey

Almighty and everlasting God, who by the co-operation of the Holy Spirit prepared the body and soul of Mary, the glorious Virgin Mother of God, to be a fitting dwelling place for your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ; grant that as we rejoice to keep her memory alive in our hearts, so by her devout prayers we may be delivered from the evils that beset us now and from eternal death; through Christ, our Lord. Amen

We pray for the gift of the forgiveness and love of God. Father of everlasting goodness. our origin and guide, be close to us and hear the prayers of all who praise you, forgive us our sins and restore us to life.

Keep us safe in your loving care, Amen

Teach us Lord, to serve you as you deserve, to

give and not count the cost, to fight and not

heed the wounds, to toil and not seek to rest,

to labour and not ask for reward - save that

of knowing that we do your will. Amen.

St Ignatius Loyola

God gives riches, and it is our duty to share them with those who are less favoured. St Teresa of Calcutta

Pope Francis: Jesus comes to us when we are at our lowest

At Mass in Quebec, Pope Francis preached on the hope and redemption that Christ offers in the face of our shame. How He seeks to draw near us in moments of failure. "On the path of life and faith, as we seek to achieve the dreams, plans, hopes in our hearts, we come up against our frailties and weaknesses; we experience setbacks and disappointments, and often remain imprisoned by a paralyzing sense of failure.

When our failures lead to an encounter with the Lord, life and hope are reborn. We are able to be reconciled: with ourselves, with our kinfolk, and with God." Following Jesus gives the means of achieving reconciliation, recovery from disappointments and weariness, healing past wounds," the pope said.

"There is one path: it is the way of Jesus, the way that is Jesus (John 14:6). Let us put the Eucharist at the centre. Christ can share his life with us, embrace our weakness, sustain our weary steps and heal our hearts. Reconciled with God, with others and with ourselves, may we become instruments of reconciliation and peace within our societies." From a report by Jonah McKeown St. Louis.