Today we are celebrating the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. God has revealed himself as a Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. There are three distinct Persons in one God, sharing the same Divine Nature - co-equal and co-eternal. The Councils of Nicaea and Constantinople defined it as a dogma of Christian Faith.

25 May




Mass - The Most Holy Trinity


Vanda Balzala & Family & Our Parish

26 May



Mass - The Most Holy Trinity

Ebele, Arinze and Cynthia Onugha

27 May



Mass- St Augustine of Canterbury

Special Intention Diya. Sunny RIP

28 May



Mass - Feria

Terry O'Leary

29 May



Mass - Feria

Richard Foster RIP

30 May



Mass - Feria

Don and George

31 May




Mass -The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Adoration & Confessions


1 June




Mass- The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ


Eileen Flannagan

& Parish

2 June



Mass - The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Our Parish


Children's Liturgy Every Sunday at 9.30 Mass in the Church Room.

First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes after the 9.30 am Mass

"Peace begins with a smile." Saint Mother Teresa.

Share the joy of the Holy Spirit with a lovely smile at the Sign of Peace at Mass or shake hands with those around you.

Trinity Sunday??. Holy Water Stoups

Centuries ago, there were hollowed out basins in the entrances of private homes and the first Christian basilicas. You could wash yourself before entering the sacred place ? God's house. The washing became symbolic as numbers grew and the faithful started to dip their fingers in the Holy water and sprinkle themselves, praying the Sign of the Cross. The water reminds us that we have been baptised and belong to Christ. We have been washed clean of sin and our lives are to show it. Think of this as you bless yourself this weekend.

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsingham on 8th June 2024

Contact Deacon Michael Fleming (St Gregory's) for more details: 01604 713015.

No Women's Chilled Bible Group until June 4th. No Ladies Circle until June 4th.

There will be no Children's Liturgy or Confirmation preparation on Sunday, 2nd June

due to the First Holy Communion Mass.

Food Bank. Thank you for thinking of our neighbour in need by donating to our food bank.

There is a food bank container at the main entrance of the church for your donations of food items.

Restoring all through Humility - Pope Francis

Humility is the "great antagonist of the most mortal of sins, namely arrogance and whereas pride and arrogance make us think we are greater than we are, "humility restores everything to its correct dimension: we are wonderful creatures, but we are limited, with qualities and flaws. In the Beatitudes, Jesus starts with the humble, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven" (Mt 5:3), followed by the meek, merciful, pure of heart, all stemming from an "inner sense of smallness."

The Relic Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be visiting Northampton Cathedral for the Bishops' National Day for Life on Saturday, 15th June.


All lay Eucharistic Ministers are invited to come to the Cathedral or join by live stream at the annual diocesan gathering to celebrate Eucharistic Ministry and to renew their commitment. The Holy Hour takes place on 9 June at 3pm.

Prayer for St Patrick's on Trinity Sunday.

O most Holy Trinity, bless St. Patrick's with the fruits of Your Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Glory be to the Father, who created us, making us in the image and likeness of God. Glory be to the Son, who died for us. Glory be to the Holy Spirit, who renews us. All praise and honour and glory are Yours now and forever, O most Holy Trinity! Amen

Knitting for Stella Maris. There is a box on the table at the back of the church to donate bright and dark colours of unwanted wool. Instructions for the hats and contact details in the box. Help yourself to a sheet, if you'd like to join the knitters. More information:

Finally, please pray for a special blessing for Dillen, Max, Marcell, John, Dalia, Tilly, Ania, Freya, Ida, Adrianna, Coral and Lara in this final week before they receive Our Blessed Lord on their First Holy Communion Day. Thank You!

The Most Holy Trinity - Year B.

Readings: Deuteronomy 4:32-34,39-40; Psalm 32:4-6,9,18-20; Romans 8:14-17; Matthew 28:16-20

First Reading: Moses reiterates that Yahweh is the only God. He recounts the wonders God has done for Israel. Israel's fidelity to the Lord will make their life secure. However, in the initial years, Israel had great challenges and struggles to sustain their belief in the One, True and Invisible God. Moses enumerates the reasons to be proud of their faith and the differences from their pagan neighbours.

Second Reading: St Paul exhorts us to lead our lives in the Spirit. He talks about the relationship of the Father, the Son and the Spirit that we experience with God. God is One but three persons. God the Father "Abba" who is our creator. God the Son, the Christ, who saved us and made us coheirs to the Kingdom of God. God the Holy Spirit through whom we have been adopted and sanctified to live as children of God.

Gospel Reading: Jesus sends the Apostles to make disciples of all nations. Jesus commissions them to baptise and teach. Jesus had already sent the twelve Apostles to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal. Formerly the Twelve were sent only to the House of Israel. Now, the Eleven are told to go to all nations. The mission of Jesus is now extended to all people. The Church has a mission to preach the Gospel to the whole world.

As baptised Christians, we share in the life of the blessed Trinity and seek to invite others to share in God's very own life of love. The salvation in Christ is an all-inclusive one so that all may have eternal life. Jesus defined eternal life saying, "This is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." John 17:3.

Responsorial Psalm: Happy the people the Lord has chosen as his own