Third Sunday - Year C - Sunday 27th January 2019

The Law of the Lord - today we rejoice in the New Law Christ has given us and which invites us to unite with him, binds us together as his people, and enables us to work together for his Kingdom.

We listen to the words of the Law and ponder them in our hearts.

Sat 26



Vigil Mass - Intention - Louis McLoughlin R.I.P.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sun 27


Nazareth Hse





Mass - Intention - Stella Long R.I.P.

Sunday School & Confirmation Group after Mass

Mass - Special Intention - Fr Benny & his family

We welcome in Baptism Jude Patrick Thomas EVERATT

Malayalam Mass - 4.00pm - Second Sunday each month

Mon 28


Stella Long R.I.P. Reception of her body into Church St Thomas Aquinas

Tues 29


Funeral Mass - Stella Long R.I.P.

No Ladies Circle - Meet again on 5th February

Weds 30


No Morning Mass or Service

Thurs 31


Service of the Word & Holy Communion St John Bosco

Fri 1 Feb



Service of the Word & Holy Communion - followed by Adoration

Malayalam Mass followed by Adoration

Mothers Prayer Group - Church Room - Third Friday each month

Sat 2 Feb


Vigil Mass - Intention - Stella Long R.I.P.

Sun 3 Feb


Nazareth Hse


Mass - Intention - Stella Long R.I.P.

Sunday School & Confirmation Group - after Mass

No Mass at Nazareth House

Malayalam Mass - 4.00pm - Second Sunday each month

Scripture Readings - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

Neh 8: 2-10; Psalm 18(19); 1 Cor 12: 12-30; Luke 1: 1-4; 4: 14-21

In 538 BC King Cyrus of Persia helped the Israelites to return to Jerusalem from exile in Babylon. There Ezra and Nehemiah shared the tasks of re-establishing the Jewish state and religion. Nehemiah rebuilt the city's walls and administration. In today's reading we hear about Ezra's formal reading of the Jewish Law, and the people's joyous celebration of God's gift of the Law.
The psalm praises God's moral law - and asks forgiveness for our transgressions.
In Paul's letter to the Corinthians he compares a community to the human body. Every Christian becomes part of Christ's body by baptism. So all gifts come from the spirit; all gifts are necessary; all contribute to the good of the whole community. All Christians are equally valuable and wanted by God.
Our reading of Luke's Gospel over the ordinary Sundays of Year C now resumes, to be interrupted only for Eastertide. First we are reminded of Luke's reason for writing a gospel: he is carefully putting into an orderly sequence what he has heard from eye-witnesses, so that his hearers may "realise the certainty of the teachings" they have received. Today's reading then continues from the beginning of Jesus' ministry in Galilee, including his self-proclamation in his home town. Next week we hear his neighbours' reactions.

Psalm Response: Your words are spirit, Lord, and they are life.

Fr Benny

Fr Benny's father died on Tuesday,

please pray for the repose of his soul.

Pray also for the family - that the love of God may comfort and console them.

Meditate Luke's Gospel provides an orderly account of the life of Jesus to show that our beliefs are well founded. Luke starts to recount Jesus' public life by reporting how Jesus read the prophet Isaiah, which explains Christ's mission to preach liberation to the nations.

Pray - Lord, as you began your mission you were assisted by the Holy Spirit who guided your steps. Please send that same Spirit upon me, so that I may follow the example of your Son who came to seek out those were lost.


The statue of Our Lady from the

Slipper Chapel at Walsingham will be at the Cathedral, in a little house, for three days.

There will be prayers, Masses, litanies, rosaries, Angelus prayers & talks by

Mgr John Armitage on the rededication of England as the Dowry of Mary,

by all our Bishops at Walsingham next year.

Collections 19/20 Jan - Many thanks

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Stella Long R.I.P.

Stella's mortal remains will come into Church on Monday 28 Jan at 5.00pm. Her Funeral Mass is on Tuesday 29 Jan at 1.00pm

May she rest in peace.

Please Pray For The Sick

Sara Fox, Mary Ellis, Enzina D'Eramo,

Kitty McKenna, Joan James, Geraldine House, Richard Foster, Margaret Dunne, Doreen & James Coutinho, Bernard Gavins, Ethan A Fernandes, Phil Jacobs Sinead McDonall, Glenda Smith, Maureen Bicknell, Dominico Piro, Bridie Weir, Sharon Botterill, Jean House, Anne Thompson, Margaret, Kevin & Mark McKeown, Winnie & John Kelly, Daniel Butcher, Bernadette Bollard, Margaret Dupry, Henry McAteer, Catherine Vince, Catherine Watts, Dominic Fernandes, Chris Brady, Emma Bonfield, Babies Ricardo & Michael, Nora McLoughlin, Annie Jacobs, Maurice Roll, Jenina Skippen, Michael Folan, Andrea Hughes,

Fr Peter Pham, Kath Craven, Jeremy Wilcox, Linda Lane, baby Ioannis Ferao, Margaret Giltrap, Joe Taitt, Sara Quartermaine,

Nancy Hughes

Please tell the clergy of anyone in care, hospital or housebound who would like the sacraments.

Today we welcome in Baptism

Jude Patrick Thomas EVERATT

Please pray for Jude and his family

Pope Francis says 'A good Catholic proclaims the Gospel'


Pope Francis said that by virtue of their Baptism, every Catholic is called to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ - a mission which cannot be separated from the Catholic Church, "It is truly our Baptism that makes us missionaries," the pope said in off-the-cuff comments in July last year. "A baptized person who does not feel the need to proclaim the Gospel, to announce Jesus, is not a good Christian."

The first necessary element of all authentic missionary discipleship is the "changeless centre, which is Jesus," he said. This is because proclaiming the Gospel cannot be separated from Christ or from the Church.

Announcing the Gospel "is not an initiative of individual believers, groups or even large groups, but it is the Church's mission inseparably united with her Lord," Pope Francis said. "No Christian proclaims the Gospel 'on his own,' but only sent by the Church who received the mandate from Christ himself." The Pope reflected on the Christian's mission as seen when Jesus sends out his disciples "two by two" to preach repentance.

Jesus' message to his disciples in this episode of the Gospel concerns not just priests, but every baptized person, who is "called to witness, in the various environments of life, the Gospel of Christ," he said.

Like the disciples were warned, the message may not be welcomed, but this aligns with what Jesus himself experienced, the pope said, noting that he was "was rejected and crucified."

"Only if we are united with him, dead and risen, can we find the courage of evangelization," Francis said.

Noting that the centre of the mission must always be Christ, he pointed to the example of the saints - "humble workers of the Kingdom," who did not work to advance themselves or their own ideas or interests, but acted always as messengers sent by Jesus, he said.

Pointing to the Blessed Virgin Mary as "the first disciple and missionary of the Word of God," the pope concluded by asking her help to bring "the message of the Gospel to the world in a humble and radiant exultation, beyond any rejection, misunderstanding or tribulation."

From an address by Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square May 22, 2018. Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA.