July 23



6.45 pm

17th Sunday of the Year


Special Intention - McGarthy Family

July 24


9.30 am

17th Sunday of the Year

Intention - Kathleen McAllister RIP

& Our Parish

July 25




St James - the Apostle

Mortal Remains of Andrea Hughes Received into the Church

Special Intention - McGarthy Family

July 26


9.30am 11.30am

SS Joachim & Anne

Funeral Mass

Special Intention - Matthew Everett

Andrea Hughes RIP

July 27




Special Intention - Melvin Tomy

July 28




Joseph V.M RIP

July 29




St Martha

Confessions and Adoration

Intention - George Foster RIP

July 30



6.45 pm

18th Sunday of the Year


Intention - Katie Scully RIP

Special Intention - Chris Costin

July 31



12.30 pm

18th Sunday of the Year

We welcome in Baptism

Intentions - Kathleen McAllister RIP &

Andrea Hughes RIP

Tommy James LEAH - pray for Tommy

Children's Liturgy Every Sunday at the 9.30 Mass in the Church Room - All children are welcome,

Sunday School - Closed for the Summer - Sacrament preparation will resume in the Autumn

Scripture Readings 24th July 2022 - 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C

Gen 18:20-32; Ps 137(138):1-8; Col 2:12-14; Lk 11:1-13 Our Father in Heaven - Christ has given us the power to become the children of God. Compare the timidity of Abraham's prayer with the confidence which Christ teaches us to pray to our Heavenly Father.

After promising Abraham a son next year, God hesitates before revealing his plans for Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham urges God to be just to the threatened towns, where his nephew Lot lives. Later Lot defends his angelic guests from the depraved demands of the men of Sodom, and escapes before Sodom is destroyed.

The Psalm expresses heartfelt thanks to the Lord for his justice and love, confident in his continual help.

Paul urges the Colossians, whom he has never visited, to be confident in their understanding of "God's mystery", Christ. As Gentiles they were seen as sinners, outside the Jewish Law. But now the Law is overridden, so, "buried in Christ", they should follow only Christ. For Paul, the list of our debts, owed to God for failing to carry out our duties under the covenant, is graphically nailed to the Cross and so destroyed.

Luke's version of the Our Father is shorter and more abrupt than Matthew's. Both versions look to the end days, especially "Do not put us to the test". "Daily bread" may refer to the Eucharist. Or it may mean "tomorrow's bread" - the heavenly banquet, like the double portion of manna collected in the desert before the Sabbath. God promises to respond to all our requests, as he did to Abraham.

Psalm Response:   On the day I called, you answered me, O Lord.

Pope Francis: Time with the Word of God keeps our efforts from being 'sterile activism'

Last Sunday, the pope reflected on the Gospel story of Jesus' visit to the sisters Mary and Martha. Jesus "acknowledges Martha's effort.

Francis said: "Martha asks Jesus to tell Mary to help her. Martha's complaint does not seem out of place. Yet Jesus answers her: 'Martha, Martha, you are worried and distracted by many things, but few things are needed. Mary has chosen the better part, which will not be taken away from her." He emphasized that "the word of Jesus is not abstract; it is a teaching that touches and shapes our life, changes it, and infuses it with a joy that does not pass. Jesus' word is the better part, that Mary had chosen. Therefore, she gives it first place: she stops and listens."

"If we leave the house in the morning keeping a word of Jesus in mind," he said, "the day will surely acquire a tone marked by that word, which has the power to orient our actions according to the wishes of the Lord."

"Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find free time to meditate," he noted. "For many people the rhythm of life is frenetic. Summertime can be valuable for opening the Gospel and reading it slowly, a passage each day,

From a report by Hannah Brockhaus Vatican City,

The Lord will not abandon His people, nor forsake those who are His own:

for Judgement shall again be just and all true hearts uphold it, Psalm 93

Andrea Hughes R.I.P. Andrea's mortal remains will be brought into Church on Monday 25th July at 5.00pm. Her funeral takes place on Tuesday 26 July at 11.30am. May she rest in peace

Food Bank - The need for donations is urgent. Please do what you can to support our Food Bank. Donations - of food and toiletries -can be left at Church or taken the United Reformed Church on

Saturday or Monday between 10am and 12noon. Many thanks. God Bless.

Pope Francis: Canada visit will be a 'penitential pilgrimage'

The papal trip to Canada next week will be a "penitential pilgrimage" to bring healing and reconciliation, Pope Francis said last Sunday, "I will come among you especially in the name of Jesus to meet and embrace the indigenous peoples. This penitential pilgrimage, with God's grace, will contribute to the journey of healing and reconciliation already undertaken."

Pope Francis is expected to issue an apology in Canada on behalf of the Catholic Church for the abuses committed against indigenous students in Catholic-run residential schools. By Hannah Brockhaus Vatican City

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By Standing Order/Direct Debit/One-Off Donation - ask your bank to pay to

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Let us pray that we will make good use of the gifts God has given us. God our Father and Protector without You nothing is holy nothing has value.

Guide us to eternal life by helping us to use wisely the blessings you give to the world.

Climate change is a global problem with grave implications. It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day. (25) Greater attention must be given to the needs of the poor, the weak and the vulnerable.... (52)

Pope Francis Laudato Si

Silence is a place in time to retreat - to grow, be fed, to embrace change - knowing we can make a difference.

"The fruit of silence is prayer, the fruit of prayer is faith, the fruit of faith is love." St Teresa of Calcutta

Prayer to Mary - St Francis of Assisi

Hail, holy Lady, most holy queen, ever virgin Mary, Mother of God, chosen by the most holy Father in heaven, and consecrated by Him, with His most holy beloved Son and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter,

On you descended and in you still remains all the fullness of grace and every good.

Hail His palace, His tabernacle, His robe. Hail His handmaid and Mother. Hail all holy virtues, which by the grace and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, are poured into the hearts of the faithful, so that,

faithless no longr. they may be made faithful servants of God, through you.

Praying the Our Father - from Downside Abbey

Prayer begins by turning our whole attention to God. But He is not remote from us; our existence depends on Him; in Him, we live and move and have our being. Without His presence in the depth of our heart, we would cease to exist.He is always there, waiting for us, loving us, a Father full of love & compassion.

He created us, gave us life, talents and all we have. We are His own children and reflect in our lives something unique about him. We are not alone; we belong to God as children whom He loves, This makes everyone our brothers and sisters; no one can be excluded from our concern.