Twenty Fourth Sunday - Year C - 15th September 2019

Christ Who Welcomes Sinners - The Christ we celebrate in this Mass is the second Moses who

interceded for sinners - came into the world to save them - who loves and welcomes them.

Sat 14



Vigil Mass - Spl Intention - McKeown Fa 2nd Collection Home Missions

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sunday 15

Nazareth Hse


11.00 am

Mass - Spl Intention - Gracie & Frankie Cotton. 2nd Collection Home Missions

Mass - Special Intention - Sisters of Nazareth - Finchley

Malayalam Mass - 4.00pm - Second Sunday each month -

Mon 16


Mass -Intention Kevin Fox R.I.P SS Cornelius & Cyprian

Tues 17



Word and Communion

Ladies Circle - Church Room

Weds 18


Mass -Intention - Frank Fox R.I.P. (No morning Mass)

Thurs 19


Mass - Intention - Paula Fullthorpe R.I.P.

Fri 20



Word and Communion (No Adoration & Confessions)

Mass in the Malayalam Language - followed by Adoration

Mothers' Prayer Group - Church Room- 1.45pm Third Friday each month

Sat 21



Vigil Mass Special Intention - Michael Jevterves & Family

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sun 22

Nazareth Hse




Mass - Special Intention - Sophie Mason & Family

Sunday School in Church after Mass

Mass - Special Intention - John Francis Doherty

Malayalam Mass - 4.00pm - Second Sunday each month

Scripture Readings - 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year C

EX 32:7-11, 13-14 PS 50(51):3-19 TIM 1:12-17 LK 15: 1-32

Earlier in the Book of Exodus God had given Moses the Ten Commandments and many other instructions, which the people had covenanted to obey, sealed by sprinkling sacrificial blood. During Moses' second ascent of Sinai God wrote the Commandments on stone tablets. Meanwhile the people were already disobeying the first Commandment by worshipping a golden calf. No wonder God was angry - Moses pleaded with God not to let the Egyptians win after all. God relented - but Moses then angrily broke the tablets and God had to write them again later!

In this most famous penitential Psalm we beg pardon for our sins, ask to be restored to grace and purity, and promise to make God's mercy known to others.

Over the next 7 weeks we hear from the letters to Timothy attributed to Paul, giving detailed instructions for organising the developing Christian communities. At that time, we hear about only 'deacons' and 'presbyter-bishops' as church leaders. 'Presbyter' simply means 'elder'. The Greek episcopi means 'overseer' or 'overlooker'. Later a three tier structure developed: Deacons, Presbyters, Bishops.

In the Gospel Jesus also shows how communities are to be managed: do not allow any members to be lost - the father runs to welcome back his prodigal son. Perhaps the most moving image we have of God.


We welcome Fr Benny Kottanal MSFS, Provincial Superior. He is on a visitation to confreres working in UK. We pray for the Congregation of Missionaries of St Francis de Sales and wish him all the best. "Nothing by force, everything by love! Let your life shine forth in genuine love for Go and our fellow beings". St Francis de Sales

THIS SUNDAY September 15th - Registration

for Sunday School - First Holy Communion

and Confirmation Preparation

(coffee available)

Next Sunday September 22nd and weekly thereafter

Beginning of term.

Let us help our children to grow in the knowledge and love of God.

Collections - 8th September - Thank you

Env £134.23. Loose £271.35 Cafod £31.00

Standing/orders £166.77

Second Collection - TODAY - Home Missions

MISSIO RED BOXES - Please return your box as soon as possible -Please take a replacement - thanks

Sanctity Of Life Pilgrimage To Walsingham

Sunday 6th October

Led by Bishop Mark O'Toole

More information on the notice board

OR CALL 01858 571242

or visit

17th September Tea Party

Northampton Notre Dame Association

Tuesday 17 Sept 2019 - 2.30-4.30 p.m.

St. Matthews Church Room. All Welcome

Please Pray For The Sick

Ann Wilson, Sara Fox, Mary Ellis, Chris Brady, Jean House, Kitty McKenna, Joe Taitt, Phil Jacobs,Richard Foster, Margaret Dunne, Emma Bonfield, Bridie Weir, Sinead McDonall, Glenda Smith, Maureen Bicknell, Dominico Piro, James Coutinho, Sharon Botterill, Anne Thompson, John Kelly, Margaret, Kevin & Mark McKeown, Daniel Butcher, Henry McAteer, Catherine Vince, Catherine Watts, Linda Lane, Babies Ricardo & Michael, Enzina D'Eramo, Nora McLoughlin, Annie Jacobs, Jenina Skippen, Michael Folan, Andrea Hughes, Fr Peter Pham, Kath Craven, Nancy Hughes, Jeremy Wilcox, Sara Quartermaine, Bess Priestnall, Maureen Sims. Margaret Giltrap. Please let the clergy know of any sick, housebound or hospitalised parishioners who would like the sacraments.

October - Extraordinary Month of Mission

Declared by Pope Francis - the focus will be the opportunity to increase our prayer and financial support for missions. More information next week.

Prayer Intentions - Ordinary Time - Autumn Time

Please pray especially on the given dates

15 Sept & 20 Oct - The Spread of the Gospel.

22 Sept - The Harvest. 13-19 Oct - Prisoners & their Families. 9 & 11 Nov - Victims of War.

24 Nov - Young People

early notice - cafod family fast day

Friday 4th October

Please have a simple meal and give what you save to bring clean water to people in Africa.

Second Collection - 5TH & 6TH October

Tradition is 'the guarantee of the future' and humility is a "key that opens the heart of God and the hearts of men," Pope Francis

Fidelity to tradition ensures a fruitful future, Pope Francis said in a meeting Thursday with a contemplative-missionary community rooted in the spirituality of St. Augustine.

"To be modern, some believe that it is necessary to break away from the roots. And this is their ruin, because the roots, the tradition, are the guarantee of the future," Pope Francis said. He explained that "true tradition" is like the roots that bring a tree sap that allows it to grow, flourish, and bear fruit. Never break away from your roots to be modern, that's suicide," Francis told the Augustinians.


The Order of the Discalced Augustinians (OAD) was founded 1610 as a reform movement of the Order of St. Augustine (OSA), which dates back to 1244. "In this long religious tradition begun by St. Augustine, you Discalced Augustinians have your roots," the pope said. "I encourage you to love and deepen your roots again and again. St. Augustine is one of those figures who make us feel fascinated with God, who attracts us to Jesus Christ and attracts us to the Word of God," Pope Francis said.

In addition to the normal vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, the order based on the Rule of St. Augustine takes a fourth vow of humility, which the order has chosen to emphasize and reflect upon this year with their motto: "Happy to serve the Most High in a spirit of humility."


"Humility is a 'key', a key that opens the heart of God and the hearts of men," he said. And, first of all, it opens your hearts to be faithful and available to God's call." Pope Francis said that we are living in an age in which the mission Ad Gentes is being renewed, necessitating docility to the Holy Spirit. "We must always be attentive and docile to the voice of the Spirit: It is He who makes the Church grow! Not us, Him. The Holy Spirit is the wind that blows and keeps the Church going with that great strength of evangelization," he said.

From a report by Courtney Grogan - Catholic news agency



The good news of Jesus is to believe in a loving, patient, merciful, forgiving God who searches his lost children to bring them back home.

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