Coronavirus and Public Liturgies

All public liturgies are suspended as is the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.

Mass is offered every day without a congregation. Mass intentions already booked will be offered.

Spiritual Communion

Knowing Mass is being celebrated, joining in spiritually in the celebration; watching the

live-streaming of Mass; following the prayers at home; making an act of spiritual communion

are ways we can share in the Sacrifice of Christ, which help sanctify Sunday, and every day.

Mass is offered every day, the Rosary, the Angelus and Stations of the Cross are also prayed.

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Palm Sunday- Year A - 5th April 2020 - Hosanna to the Son of David the King of Israel

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord - Hosanna in the highest

Scripture Readings - Palm Sunday - Year A Is 50:4-7; Psalm 21(22); Phil 2:6-11; Matt 26:14 - 27:66)

In exile in Babylon, after Jerusalem was destroyed in 597 BC, the despairing people are tempted to give up their faith in God. In the 'servant-song' Isaiah offers consolation, recommending trust in the Lord.

Today Isaiah's words express both our horror at the way Our Lord was treated, and our admiration for his example of patient non-retaliation. Trusting confidently in his Father, he "sets his face like flint", even though it is covered with spittle.

On the Cross Jesus uttered the first words of this psalm which reflects his suffering. Not a cry of despair, but expressing Jesus' complete confidence in his Father and praising the redemption bought by his Cross.

The hymn in Philippians rejoices: unlike Adam, Jesus did not seek to be equal to God. But God raised him to glory and gave him the name 'Lord'. Jesus on the Cross invites us to imitate his humility.

Matthew's Passion, with its lively dialogue, shows Jesus aware and in control. Writing after the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, Matthew blamed the Jewish leaders for Jesus' death. Jesus died just before Passover, when Jews celebrated their freedom from slavery. Soldiers, Jewish leaders, the inscription on the Cross, all ironically give Jesus his true title of 'King of the Jews', the Messiah. Jesus' obedience to God's plan gives the Cross meaning.
Psalm Response: My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?

Spiritual Communion

Spiritual Communion is a good practice and we are encouraged by the Church to make a Spiritual Communion when unable to receive Holy Communion sacramentally. A Spiritual Communion is simply the heartfelt desire to be united with Christ though unable to receive him in the Blessed Sacrament. This desire for Christ draws us closer to him, for as St Thomas Aquinas teaches 'The effects of a sacrament can be received by desire.'

We can use our own words - or those used by the saints.


Prayer of St Alphonsus LIGUORI FOR Spiritual Communion

My Jesus, I believe that you are most truly present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist.

I love you above all things, and I desire to receive you into my soul. Since I cannot receive you sacramentally at the moment, come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace you as being already there and unite myself wholly to you. Never permit me to be separated from you. Amen.

Food Bank

The URC has responded to the needs of children

who normally receive free school meals and made up supplies for schools - supplemented by

Easter Eggs and other treats.

So well done to them - and many thanks.

We will continue support when the bank reopens.

For those affected by the Coronavirus

Merciful father - come to the help of your people. Be our shelter in this time of peril and strengthen the bonds of our community. Bring healing to all who suffer the ravages of disease and assist those whose skill and knowledge can put an end to this affliction.

Please Pray For The Sick - Ann Wilson, Sara Fox, Mary Ellis, Chris Brady, Joe Taitt, Jean House, Kitty McKenna, Phil Jacobs, Bridie Weir, Richard Foster, Margaret Dunne, Maureen Bicknell,Sinead McDonall, Glenda Smith, Dominico Piro, James Coutinho, Sharon Botterill, Anne Thompson, Margaret, Kevin & Mark McKeown, Daniel Butcher, Henry McAteer, Catherine Vince, Catherine Watts, Linda Lane, Babies Ricardo & Michael, Sara Quartermaine, Annie Jacobs, Enzina D'Eramo, Margaret Giltrap,Camillus McGill, Nora McLoughlin, Jenina Skippen, Michael Folan, Andrea Hughes, Kath Craven, Nancy Hughes, Jeremy Wilcox, Phyl Thorley,Bess Priestnall, Maureen Sims,Tony Earle.

Holy Week at Home

With our Church closed there are no public Holy Week Services. The Diocesan Liturgy Commission

has produced notes for use at home which are on our web site

Services are also available on line

The Holy Father's Prayer Intention for April

May those suffering from addiction be

helped and accompanied.

Our Church

At present we are not allowed to keep our church open but in our prayers at home let us remember the sick, those who care for them, those combating the virus, those suffering hardship. Remember the children awaiting Baptism and those preparing for the Sacraments.

A prayer for Palm Sunday - and for life.

Help us see you as you are - victorious yet meek, powerful but loving, patient and just. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that understands your kingdom and your reign. Help us trust your sovereignty over all creation and your authority in our lives. Help us not turn our backs on you when things don't go as we expect. Give us strength and endurance as we seek first your kingdom and your righteousness.

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Pope Francis encourages small acts of love during coronavirus quarantine


Pope Francis says there are many small acts of love and kindness we can do for others without leaving the house. "We must rediscover the little things, those small gestures we can offer those close to us, our family, our friends. "For example, a hot meal, a caress, a hug, a phone call...gestures of attention to the details of everyday life that make life meaningful, that create communion & communication among us,"

Pope Francis said the quarantine- people are living in now- gives opportunity to grow in personal relationships at home, but it means disconnecting from technology to spend quality time together. Communication, listening to each other is important because that's how we can understand the needs, desires of the other."

The Pope also asked everyone to reach out to those who are alone or who have lost loved ones. "Consolation must be everyone's commitment," he added. "I asked the Lord to stop the epidemic: 'Lord, stop it with your hand.' That's what I pray for," he said. He urged us to remember that our personal choices and actions have consequences for the lives of others.

Pope Francis said that people can find strength in their families, in the love of those around them, even if they do not yet have the gift of faith."They are all God's children and are looked upon by Him. Even those who have not yet met God, those who do not have the gift of faith, can find their way through this, in the good things they believe in: they can find strength in love for their children, their family, their brothers and sisters," he said. Pope Francis said "If we live these days like this they won't be wasted,"

I'm staying at home, Lord! ..........AND today, I realise, you taught me this, remaining obedient to the Father, for thirty years in the house of Nazareth, waiting for the great mission.
AND in Joseph's studio, your keeper and mine, I learn to work, to obey, to round the corners of my life and prepare you a work of art.
AND I know that I am not alone because Mary, like any mother, is in the next room, doing chores and preparing lunch for all of us, God's family.
And I do it responsibly for my own good, for the health of my city, for my loved ones, and for the good of my brother, whom you have put beside me, asking me to take care of him in the garden of life.
AND in the silence of Nazareth, I pledge to pray, to read, study, meditate, be useful for small jobs, to make our home more beautiful and more welcoming.
AND in the morning, I thank you for the new day you give me, trying not to spoil it and welcome it with wonder, as a gift and an Easter surprise.
AND at noon I will receive the greeting of the angel, I will make myself useful for love, in communion with you who have made you flesh to live among us; and, tired of the journey, thirsty, I will meet you at Jacob's well, and thirsty for love on the Cross.
AND if the evening takes me melancholy, I will invoke you like the disciples of Emmaus: stay with us, the evening has arrived and the sun sets.

AND in the night, in communion of prayer with the sick, the lonely and all the caregivers, I will wait for the dawn to sing your mercy again and tell everyone that, in the storms, you have been my refuge.
AND I don't feel alone and abandoned, because you told me: I'm with you every day. yes, and especially in these days of confusion, O Lord, in which, if my presence is not necessary, I will reach everyone, only with the wings of prayer. Amen

The prayer of an Italian priest self-isolating at present

but who sadly lost his brother to the virus.

This beautiful prayer was written by an Italian priest who is self-isolating at the moment and very sadly lost his own brother a few days ago to Covid-1