8 June




Mass - The Tenth Sunday of Year B


Our Parish

9 June



12.00 noon

Mass - The Tenth Sunday of Year B

Baptism of Tobias Oluwadamini Fadeyi

Ebele, Arinze & Cynthia Onugha

10 June



Mass- Feria

Thanks giving

11 June



Mass - St Barnabas, Apostle


12 June



Mass - Feria

Annie & Morris Jacob RIP

13 June



Mass - St. Anthony of Padua

Don & Dominic O'Donnell

14 June




Mass- Feria

Adoration & Confessions


15 June




Mass- Eleventh Sunday of Year B


Our Parish & Cecilia & Ken Darvell

16 June



Mass- Eleventh Sunday of Year B

Oliver Floody RIP& Our Parish

The Tenth Sunday of Ordinary Times - Year B

Readings: Genesis 3:9-15; Psalm 130:1-2,3-4,5-6,7-8; 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1; Mark 3:20-35

Sin causes us to distance ourselves from God and neighbour. However, more harmfully, we deny ourselves God's freely offered pardon, forgiveness and healing by shamefully denying our failures and sins.

First Reading: Doing the will of God is what makes us children of God and members of his family. Having sinned, Adam blames Eve and she blames the serpent. The account of the fall includes the promise of salvation. The announcement of the first Gospel: the promise of Christ as our Saviour.

Second Reading: Our life on earth with all its blessings and joy can be a time of trial and tribulation too. But the source of everlasting happiness is in the promise of our own resurrection and the fullness of eternal joy and peace with God and others.

Gospel: Jesus encountered rejection with prophetic courage: "Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother". A large crowd gathered that Jesus and his disciples were left with no time even to eat.

Maybe believing the rumours, His family comes to take Him away because they think He is "out of his mind." The scribes accused Him of being possessed by the devil. Jesus shows the absurdity of their thinking by pointing out that a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.

We have unconditional and absolute forgiveness of sins in Christ. The only sin that can't be forgiven is the one that cuts us off from the source of forgiveness and life itself; against the Holy Spirit. The action of Jesus' family is not presented in a critical light but they are just trying to see Him. Jesus uses the situation to point out that family for Him is not based on blood. Those who do the will of God on earth already belong to the family of God. Let us try to cooperate with God's grace so generously lavished upon us.

Responsorial Psalm: With the Lord there is mercy and fullness of redemption.

The Thomas Becket Festival

Bishop David will preside at Mass to celebrate the Feast of the Translation of the Relics of one of our diocesan patrons; Saint Thomas Becket will take place at 11am on Saturday 6 July. The Mass opens the Becket Festival and is open to our whole diocese.

The Festival will close with Solemn Vespers of Saint Thomas Becket at 4pm on Sunday 7 July. The Becket lecture will take place at 3pm on the same day. The lecture this year will be focussed on Venerable Ignatius Spencer who has strong links to Northampton and we look forward to listening to Fr Gerard Skinner deliver the lecture.


Please visit https://northamptondiocese.org/relics/ for a full programme of events.

Children's Liturgy Every Sunday at 9.30 Mass in the Church Room.

Confirmation classes after the 9.30 am Mass

Please keep praying for our young parishioners as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Thursday 20th June at 7pm. Bishop David will welcome confirmands from St. Patrick's to celebrate

their Confirmation. Rehearsal is on Friday 14th June at 6.30pm in the Cathedral and sponsors will also need to attend this rehearsal. Please pray for the young people, the Catechists, the parents and the sponsors.

Thank you for the beautiful First Holy Communion Mass showing our lovely Parish at its best: the Body of Christ coming together in unity to share precious gifts and talents for the Glory of God

- Saintly First Communicants, Parents, Teachers, Singers, Readers, Musicians, Cleaners, Florists,

Car Park Controller and Clergy. Thanks be to God.

Ladies Circle meet in the Parish Room at 2:30pm on Tuesday June 11th.

Questions for Parliamentary candidates as suggested by our Bishops.

What does respect for life mean to you? Do all lives have the same value? Older people and the infirm ? the severely disabled ? the unborn?

What will you do for marriage and the family? What practical measures will you take to encourage and support stable family life and the institution

What beliefs and values underpin your approach to migration? And how will you show them in practice?

What do you think is our responsibility to the poor, in this country and overseas? What is our responsibility to safeguard and protect the environment?


Women's Chilled Bible Group meet in the Parish Room at 10:15 on Tuesday 11th June. Please join us to listen to God with fellowship, fun and cake. Everything provided.

A huge thank you to our wonderful Parish knitters and those who have donated wool. We have 19 colourful hats (with more promised) ready to make the day of seafarers and keep them warm at sea. Thank you for caring! Interested in knitting hats and gloves for Stella Maris?

Please see box for information on the table at the back of the church.

'Anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother'. Let us make an effort as a parish to become a loving, caring spiritual family. Does anybody have ideas about how we could get to know each other? Any gentlemen wishing to establish a Bible/prayer group or walking group? What about families? Speak to Father Benny or Deacon Michael.

group or walking group? Speak to Father Benny or Deacon Michael.

Pope's Intentions in June: Please pray that migrants fleeing from war or hunger, forced to undertake journeys fraught with danger and violence, may find welcome and new living opportunities in the countries that welcome them.

Second Collection on 16th June for the Day of life.

The celebration of Day for Life will take place over the weekend of 15/16th June 2024. Resources for

the Day can be found here: https://www.cbcew.org.uk/day-for-life/.

Please pray with thanksgiving for the timing of the General Election which means that the two extreme abortion up to birth amendments tabled by Diana Johnson and Stella Creasy will now not pass and these extreme changes to our abortion laws will not become law. Deo Gratias!

Deo Gratias.