9 August 2020




14 August 2020
Feast of St Maximilian Kolbe




There will be Mass on Sundays and Fridays at 9.30 am


Readings 9 August 2020 - 19th Sunday - Ordinary Time 1 Kgs 19:9,11-13; Ps 84(85); Rom 9:1-5; Mt 14:22-33
His voice that speaks of peace - In times of great anguish, such as St Paul himself experienced,

Christ is always with us, calming the storm and bringing us peace.

The books of Kings, Joshua, Judges and Samuel tell the story of Israel from entering the Promised Land until frequent unfaithfulness leads to exile. After Elijah successfully called on God to produce rain, and killed all the failed prophets of Baal, he fled from Jezebel's threat of revenge to Mount Horeb, ie Sinai. After Elijah recognises God in "a light murmuring sound" - "a sound of fine silence", God promises a remnant of faithful Israelites will survive, and gives Elijah more tasks.
In the psalm a prophet, after the return from exile, first listens to hear what the Lord has to say, and then reports the joyful future happiness revealed to him.
Paul shows the Romans his great agony that most of the Chosen People have failed to recognise God in Jesus: he would be willing to give up even his own hope of salvation "if it could help my brothers of Israel".
Matthew describes a small group who do recognise Jesus, and are willing to step out into the unknown to be with him. Jesus encourages them: they have "little faith", but it is enough for them to believe that he is "Son of God". Psalm Response: Let us see, O Lord, your mercy, and give us your saving help.

Pope Francis has urged young people in Medjugorje to imitate the Virgin Mary by abandoning themselves to God.

pope francis"The Church's great example to the young in heart, ready to follow Christ with new freshness and fidelity, is always the Virgin Mary.

The power of Her 'Yes' and Her 'Let it be unto me' which she said before the angel, delights us at all times. Her 'Yes' means to participate and take risks, with no guarantee except knowing that she is the bearer of the promise. Her 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord', the most beautiful example that tells us what happens when a man, in his freedom, surrenders himself into God's hands."

"Let Mary's example inspire you and be your guideline!"

Let us pray during the week for

The Church, Pope Francis; Bishop David, the Clergy; our Parish; the lonely and frightened. The faithful departed - those mourning. The sick - their careers. All affected by the virus. Key workers. World leaders to work with those seeking medical solution to be freely and globally shared. The third world where the risk of the pandemic is heightened by food and medicine shortages. Those awaiting sacraments of Penance, Communion & Confirmation. The unborn child and sanctity of life. Our own intentions and in thanks to God for his gifts and unconditional love. For the safe re-opening of our Churches.

Let us also pray for our Town that the special measures taken will rapidly combat the spread of the virus.

These are the rules on public worship continuing - please speak to a steward if you have a query.

         No toilet facilities are available - you must not enter Sacristy or Church Room before or after Mass.

         No singing - no sign of peace - offertory collections/ processions not allowed.

         Holy Communion must be taken in the hand - remain in the pew until called by a steward

Face covers or face masks must be worn during Mass

The dispensation from attending Sunday Mass still applies.

Jesus, friend and brother, you were tested and found faithful. When we are tested give us the insight

to recognise what is right, the will to do it and thus strength to continue in the true path. Julian of Norwich

We recognize with joy that you, Lord, created us, and that you guide us by your providence. In your unfailing kindness, support us in our prayer: renew your life within us, guard it and make it bear fruit for eternity. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Since love grows within you, so beauty grows - for love is the beauty of the soul. St Augustine

Hedonism and consumerism can prove our downfall, for when we are obsessed with our own pleasure, we end up being all too concerned about ourselves and our rights, and we feel a desperate need for free time to enjoy ourselves. We find it hard to feel and show any real concern for those in need, unless we are able to cultivate a certain simplicity of life, resisting the feverish demands of a consumer society, which leaves us impoverished and unsatisfied, anxious to have it all now. Pope Francis - Gaudete et Exsultate

Does God`s gentleness disturb you?

Elijah took shelter on the mount Horeb in a cave. Then the Lord said to him, "Go outside and stand on the mountain before the Lord. The Lord himself went by." The Lord was not in the mighty storm or in the earthquake or in the fire but the Lord appeared to him in the sound of a gentle breeze. How do we expect God to reveal himself and intervene in the situations of the world? Do we get disappointed with the Lord and his ways?

The way of the Lord is gentle and persuasive, urging us to behave responsibly by doing good, being kind, truthful, loving, forgiving and just. What we need is faith to believe in the gentile ways of the Lord and courage to put into practise the gentle ways of the Lord. "I will hear what the Lord God has to say, a voice that speaks of peace (Psalm84:9).

The Gospel reminds us that after sending the disciple and the crowds way Jesus went up on the mountain by himself to pray in solitude. It is our prayer life and union with God that enable us to put into practise the gentleness of God.

Pope Francis urges Catholics to follow 'God's logic'......

Follow 'God's logic'


by taking responsibility for the welfare of others as he reflected on the miracle of feeding of the 5,000. The disciples urged Jesus to send the crowd to find food. But Jesus replied: "You give them something to eat."

"Jesus uses this situation to educate His friends, both then and now, about God's logic," the pope said, "And what is God's logic - the logic of taking responsibility for others. That 'let them fend for themselves' should not enter into Christian vocabulary."

Christ's miracle enabled everyone to eat as much as they wanted. Francis said, "With this gesture, as a sign of charity, the Father's generosity toward His children. He does not allow anyone to be lost, or to lose out."

"The compassion and tenderness that Jesus showed is not sentimentality, but rather the manifestation of the love that cares for the people's needs. It would do us good to ask ourselves: Do I feel compassion when I hear about war, hunger, the pandemic? Or do I look the other way, say 'they can fend for themselves'?

Let's not forget this word 'compassion', which is trust in the love of the Father, and means courageous sharing.

How to keep up your Parish weekly offerings or to make donations.

Direct to the Parish - Make a Standing Order/Direct Debit/ One-Off Donation with your bank to pay to:-

Account Name: RCDN St Patrick Duston Branch Sort Code: 60-06-11 Account Number: 59820640.

Let Fr Benny know if as a tax payer you want us to reclaim tax paid on your offering (at no extra cost to you).

We will send a Gift Aid Declaration form to complete and return to the church.

'Giving Tuesday' - Call the Finance Office on 01604 712065, (open 10:00am and 4:00pm). Use a debit or credit card to donate or cover any missed Sunday offerings - specify the offering is for St Patrick's Duston.

If the line is busy leave only your telephone number and your name - you will be called back.

We know at present many families are struggling financially so please just do what you can.