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First Sunday of Advent


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First Sunday of Advent


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Morning Mass

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Morning Mass - St Andrew


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Morning Mass - St Edmnd Campion


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Morning Mass - St Francis Xavier - Day of Prayer for Migrants


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Second Sunday of Advent - Bible Sunday


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Second Sunday of Advent - Bible Sunday


Confessions after the Mass on Fridays and Saturdays. Face coverings or masks must be worn in church at Mass

Please remember in your prayers - Cath Craven R.I.P. (Funeral Mass 2pm Monday 6 December)

The Church. The Holy Souls. The lonely and frightened. The faithful departed-those who mourn. All on the

Parish list. The sick and their carers. Hospital, health & care workers. Teachers, staff and children. Those suffering the virus. Migrants.Victims of oppression & racial hatred. World leaders to unite to find & share a covid solution. The people in areas of conflict and poor countries needing vaccines. Pope Francis & Pope Emeritus Benedict, Bishop David, our clergy and religious. That the battle against covid will be successful. In gratitude for God's gifts, mercy and unconditional love.


In gratitude for God's gifts, mercy and unconditional love.

Scripture Readings 28th November 2021, First Sunday of Advent, Year C

Jeremiah 33:14-16; Ps 24(25); 1 Thess 3:12 - 4:2; Luke 21:25-28, 34-36

Our Liberation from Fear - Fear is the crippling of all emotions and there are many things in life to make us afraid. We lack integrity because we are afraid to be ourselves. But today we lift up our souls to Christ who comes to deliver us from fear. We can stand erect, hold our heads high and dwell in confidence.

A few weeks ago we heard Jeremiah promising the deliverance of his people. This week he describes how this hope will be realised, even though Jerusalem and the Temple had been destroyed. A descendant of David will bring honesty, integrity and security to Israel.

Jeremiah's complex writings changed Jewish expectations from a single Day of Judgement to a gradual process: an initial time of suffering, then an in-between period. This was identified by early Christians as now, after Christ's death had inaugurated the New Covenant, while we await the promised completion in Christ's second coming.

These mild verses from the Psalm fail to show its directness: "In your kindness, recall me - You".

The earliest New Testament writing, Paul wrote this first letter to the Thessalonians from Corinth, probably in 51 AD, where Timothy had brought news of the Thessalonian church's progress. Paul prays that the Lord should increase their love for one another, exhorting them to show this love by leading moral lives.

We are starting the year of Luke, but the gospel for the beginning of Advent is from the end of Jesus' ministry, where he warns us to be ready for the end times. Every one of us faces an end time, and we must live our lives as if it comes today.

Psalm Response:   To you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.




Almighty God,

increase our will

for doing good

that Christ may

find an eager

welcome at His

coming and

call us to His side

in the Kingdom

of Heaven


Celebration of Carols - Sunday 19th December 3.00 pm

Join us here at St. Patrick's on Sunday 19th December 3.00 pm for a Celebration of Carols followed by Tea/coffee and mince pies. All are welcome.

This Friday - A Day of Prayer for Migrants -

Pope Francis recently said this about the the plight of migrants and refugees

Many have had to flee from living conditions comparable to those of slavery. They know how terrible and despicable war can be, what it means to live without freedom and rights, to watch helplessly as their land dries up, their water polluted. They have no other option but to set out towards a safe place where they can realize their dreams, where they can use their talents and skills. Unfortunately, for many, setting out has not been a true liberation. All too often they come up against a desert of humanity, with indifference that has become global, that dries up relations between people." Please keep them in your prayers.

Spiritual Holy Communion Oh Jesus, my God, I love you, but unfortunately, I cannot receive you in Holy Communion at this time. Come, nevertheless, and visit me with your grace. Come spiritually into my heart. Purify it. Sanctify it. Render it like your own most Sacred Heart. Amen. Online Daily Mass www.northamptondiocese.org/live.

Advent Prayer - O holy Abba God, we are an expectant people, always rushing to accomplish things, only to experience time slipping through our fingers. We expect things to improve, hoping that somehow we will not always put you, and our relationship with you, on the back burner of our lives. For this reason, we pause for a moment in prayer. Be with us during this season of Advent. Help us to come to an appreciation of "holy waiting."

As once your people long ago waited for their Saviour to be born, help us to enter into the spirit of celebrating the growing awareness of your Word in our lives.

Let the power of your Word not be buried or forgotten because of the press of our "other obligations." Amen. The Essential Advent and Christmas Handbook

Our Lady of Advent, Mother of all our longings, who felt the child take form in your womb, the Hope of your people, the salvation of God, you who welcomed the Spirit's strength, giving flesh to God's promises.

Make us aware of the signs of God's gentleness. Reach out to all those in need and walk with them in their journey of faith. Amen


ough whom God is honoured because of his blessings.

He must not lay any claim to any more merit than the wood and colour do. St Francis of Assisi

The real commitment of Advent: to bring joy to others. Joy is the true gift of Christmas, not expensive presents that demand time and money. Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of the Lord. The question is - are we ready for God's return?

If Jesus returned tomorrow, are we ready to face him? Or would we be relying on an all-forgiving Lord to allow us more time to prepare ourselves? Jesus has already made it clear that we need to be awake, aware He may return at any moment. Let's keep that in mind, and live our lives accordingly. This way, we will not be caught out and can have confidence in the outcome of our meeting.

Like all foodbanks, the Churches Together Bank continues to need support. Please help if you can by taking food donations to the United Reformed Church on Saturday -10am and 12 noon. God Bless & many thanks.

Whenever the Spirit intervenes, he leaves people astonished; he brings about events of amazing newness;

he radically changes persons and history. Pope St John Paul II

Lord, by your grace we are made one in mind and heart. Give us a love for what you command and a longing

for what you promise, so that, amid this world's changes, our hearts may be set on the world of lasting joy. Amen


Online retreat, Mondays in Advent - starting 29thNovember - 7.30 - 8.30pm Join Canon John Udris & Avril Baigent for an online retreat to pause, reflect and encounter the Lord.  Join them on a Monday night, or watch afterwards.  Click to book: https://lift_up_your_eyes.eventbrite.co.uk.

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